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Ranger Buck Splizzors Knife

These Splizzors are customized with the Ranger Boats logo on the opposite side of the Buck logo near the small and large crimp. The new multi-function Splizzors conveniently combine the use of scissors and pliers to create a versatile tool designed for any fishing task. These features, combined with many add-ons, make the Splizzors a unique and innovative fishing tool. The Splizzors utilize edge to edge pressure 10X that of normal scissors and contain micro serrations to cut braided and high performance fishing line with ease. This unique design allows for efficient cutting, trimming, shearing, bending, crimping, and hook removal all with one exceptional tool. Blade Shape: Multiple Blade Shapes. Weight: 8.3 oz. Handle: Rubber. Carry System: Sheath. Made in the USA.

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