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Receiver/Coupler Lock Set

Stainless Steel Receiver Lock: New improved receiver lock with Ball bearing design for greater security and strength and fits standard Class II and Class III/IV trailer hitches.
Coupler Lock: Fits every coupler on the market from ½” to 3-3/8” and any size in between.

Lock body made of rust-resistant anodized aluminum and a ¼” Stainless steel Pin

Both locks feature reversible keys for easy insertion and a fail-safe locking system that won’t allow the key to be removed unless in the locked position.

Receiver Lock Features:
Includes 2 stainless steel pins
1/2" diameter pin (1.875" usable pin length)
5/8 diameter pin (3.25" usable pin length)
Stainless steel lock head with 2 ball bearing design for superior strength and greater security
Durable lock design won't falsely pop open like push button locks
Maximum moisture and debris protection
Dust and moisture cap
Internal pin o-ring
Stainless steel key shutter

Coupler Lock Features:
Stainless steel pin diameter fits through a 1/4" opening
Can be adjusted in 1/8" increments for a snug fit
Unique rotating stainless-steel cam positions the lock head into incremental grooves
1/8" incremental adjustments offer a tight fit against the coupler latch
Lock head slides back and forth along stainless steel pin for ease of use
18 distinct positions available to accommodate every coupler on the market
Stainless steel key shutter for maximum moisture and debris protection

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