2018 Ranger Dealer Buying Program

Program Details

Welcome back! Thank you to all who participated in 2017. You are registering to participate in an annual spot-buy program through which you qualify for a one-time purchase offer to take advantage of great extras and savings. Dealers can combine orders with all WRMG brands. When ordered during this promotion, dealer can utilize available 2018 or 2019 accrual and invoices will automatically be processed at dealer’s normal rate. This offer is separate from the annual $1,000 limit to uniform staff.

5% Off All Orders $1,150 or more through September 14, 2018.

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Woman wearing gray Ranger Boats Nickel t-shirt
Close-up photo of dark gray Ranger Boats 50th mesh cap

Shipping Details

Shipping for the Buying Program is based on inventory levels.
Estimated first ship date of November 8th.
Estimated ship date on backorders Jan 3rd.

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